How to up-level your life through binaural beats and meditation

Regularly listening to binaural beats can increase your well-being.
Regularly listening to binaural beats can increase your well-being.

Why binaural beats can be your game changer

Today, I’d like to share with you one of my greatest tools: binaural beats.

For me, they have been such a game changer and helped me in improving my well-being in a holistic way. In this article, I will tell you more about how they can support you to improve your happiness and uplevel your life. 

How binaural beats have up-levelled my well-being

For years, I’ve been a huge fan of meditation, mainly guided meditations, as I’ve already shared with you in this article (👉🏼Read here). They have become my number one tool in improving my health. In the past, I’ve dealt with increased stress, anxiety, insomnia, and overthinking levels. A regular meditation practice had already improved my life to this point, also linked to other significant life changes.

One year ago, I felt devastated, overwhelmed and burnt out after a life-changing, traumatic event. I am convinced that we always have the power to choose how we respond to events. Even though I couldn’t change what had happened, it was in my hand to change how I felt, gradually, step by step, day by day. Above all, I wanted to feel good, or at least better, again. It was up to me to take care of myself and my well-being. I was responsible for filling my cup first to fully serve my clients from a place of love and overflow. Professionally this meant for me taking a break and prioritising my well-being.

I’ve discovered binaural beats in 2021. Listening regularly to binaural beats has been so powerful in my personal journey and has helped me to take care of my well-being. 

This time, when being on the ground, and frequently listening to binaural beats, and integrating them into my daily meditation practice, has helped me to get up again (complementary to other tools). 

Consequently, I’ve prioritised my well-being since then.

A guided meditation combined with binaural beats is a unique and holistic experience for your well-being.

What is a binaural beat?

A binaural beat, a perceptual illusion, occurs when listening to two slightly different frequencies with your headphones. Indeed, your brain then produces a third tone (the difference between the two frequencies played in both ears). Thus, your brain’s resulting third and illusional tone is called a binaural beat. 

What are the benefits of binaural beats?

Binaural beats can affect your state of mind by altering your brain waves. As a result, this auditory illusion (binaural beat) can significantly influence cognition and mood. They can support your mind to enter a desired state of mind. This is so powerful: by changing your thoughts, you shift your feelings and thus your behaviour. 

Studies have shown that the frequent use of binaural beats can 

  • Improve your creativity and cognitive abilities.
  • Increase a meditative state.
  • Lower anxiety and raise your mood.
  • Promote better sleep.
  • Enhance your focus, attention and memory.

In conclusion, binaural beats benefit your mental health by boosting positive feelings and, thus, your mood. 

Have you ever experienced how powerful it is to change the way you feel by choosing different, more uplifting thoughts? And have you recognised a change in your habits afterwards? 

Five frequencies indicating your mental state

There exist five different frequencies which can indicate your mental state. When listening to binaural beats, your mental state can be altered. 

  • Delta (1-4 Hz): deep sleep, a meditative state, the unconscious mind is accessible. This state is vital for your well-being. 
  • Theta (4-8 Hz): mediation, profound relaxation.
  • Alpha (8-14 Hz): When you calm down and relax. You let go of any stress. You have positive beliefs. 
  • Beta (14-30 Hz): When awake and alert: focused attention, problem-solving, and high perception. 
  • Gamma (30-100): detail-oriented, attentive, a higher cognitive activity.

Are you ready to create a new reality and put yourself first?

Binaural beats support you in creating new realities
Binaural beats support you in creating new realities

Binaural beats are powerful as they positively influence your mental state and mood. They can support you in changing patterns by creating new frequencies, beliefs, habits, and, thus, new realities.

I’ve created a powerful meditation for you. It’s a guided visualisation using beautiful music combining binaural beats with delta waves. 

Enjoy a deeper level of relaxation thanks to the calming effects of binaural beats combined with delta waves.

It’s a powerful, holistic experience including the different levels of your body, mind, and soul, which will help you achieve a complete transformation. 

Put yourself first with this powerful visualisation

Enjoy a deeper level of relaxation thanks to the calming effects of binaural beats combined with delta waves.
Enjoy a deeper level of relaxation thanks to the calming effects of binaural beats combined with delta waves.

This unique visualisation will empower you to

  • Put yourself first
  • Prioritise your needs
  • Say no and learn to set boundaries for freedom and more time and energy for yourself.
  • Reduce anxiety, stress, and overwhelm
  • Prioritise daily self-care
  • Develop self-love that increases your self-worth and self-esteem
  • Cultivate inner peace, balance, and alignment
  • Reconnect with yourself and your intuition

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