Holistic well-being

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Holistic well-being

Your holistic well-being is vital.
That’s why I’ve developed a unique, diversified offer for you. Are you ready to prioritise your well-being or take it to the next level?

My holistic approach combines all my knowledge and experience as an Internationally Certified Life Coach and Akashic Medium.

Choose the unique and intense experience that suits you best.

Holistic well-being – Akasha Guidance

This session is a unique, profound experience that goes far beyond the mind. I let all my knowledge and psychic abilities flow into it: Coaching meets Akasha. In this Akashic Reading, I connect with the Akashic Records, and we release the brakes that keep holding you back and slowing you down. I give you valuable insights and coaching tips for your future. The session takes place via zoom.


1 session



Akasha meets coaching

One month you and me. This offer includes an Akasha Guidance, where deep blockages are released and transformed. You will also receive two valuable coaching sessions with me in the same month. Additionally, I share with you valuable resources depending on your individual needs. All sessions take place via Zoom.


1 month



Prioritise your well-being – Intensive 1:1 support

Coaching meets Akasha. Unique support: I will assist you as an Internationally Certified Life Coach and Akashic Medium. This offer includes powerful Akasha Guidance support between the sessions personalised. All sessions take place via Zoom.


3 months



Learn more about

The Akashic Records

“Akasha” in Sanskrit means “all that is.” The Akashic Records represent a subtle library. You can find all blockages, talents, potentials, and more. This cosmic library records everything we have ever experienced mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 

Working with the Akashic Chronicle makes it possible to quickly recognize and dissolve inner blockages holding you back.

An Akasha Guidance combines coaching and subtle work (an Akashic Reading) uniquely. My international clients achieve fascinating results.

Put yourself first


Are you tired of neglecting yourself and your unique needs while caring for others? This powerful visualisation will help you to enjoy a deeper level of relaxation thanks to the calming effects of binaural beats combined with delta waves. + It’s super easy to integrate into your daily life!

Take this opportunity to fill your cup first and give from a place of love and overflow. 🤗