Holistic well-being

Magical. Soulful & Empowering.

What I offer you
Akasha Reise, die ein Akasha Reading mit Coaching verbindet

Akasha Guidance

Come and enjoy holistic well-being. An Akasha Guidance enables a unique, profound experience far beyond the mind.

I use all my knowledge and my psychic abilities: Coaching meets Akasha.

During an Akashic Reading, I connect with the Akasha Records. And we release the brake that keeps holding you back and slowing you down.

I give you valuable insights and coaching tips for your future.

This unique session involves body, mind, and soul so that you feel holistically well.

Ganzheitliches Wohlbefinden FLY Akasha meets coaching

Intensive 1:1 support

Prioritize your well-being so that you can serve to your fullest potential.

This unique, intensive, and exclusive 1:1 support combines all my knowledge and experience as an Internationally Certified Life Coach and Akashic Medium.

I will support you intensively for your sustainable well-being for up to 3 months. I help you through coaching and valuable Akasha Guidance. You will also have access to me in between sessions.

A profound and long-lasting change becomes possible.


Fabienne Désirée Ly

Your holistic well-being is vital.

I am Fabienne Désirée Ly, a highly-sensitive woman, visionary, entrepreneur, Internationally Certified Life Coach, Akasha Medium, and much more 😉

I recently underwent a profound transformation myself: I was devastated and got up again – empowered, with an open heart and mind, free to embrace the new with a newfound joie de vivre and childlike lightness.

Ready again to courageously follow the voice of my heart and my visions and to face the world optimistically. 

I support sensitive female entrepreneurs like you to prioritize your well-being holistically, empowering you to serve from your full strength.

Because the world needs you in your full power and radiance, fill your cup first – prioritize your well-being.

Fabienne Désirée Ly

Holistic well-being

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