Emotions to break free and create uplifting realities

Use your emotions to break free and create uplifting realities.
Use your emotions to break free and create uplifting realities

Learn how your emotions can support you

Do you find yourself constantly putting others first, neglecting your needs?

Emotions like feeling exhausted or overwhelmed are familiar to you? If so, you’re not alone. As a heart-centred female entrepreneur, it is natural for you to care for others and positively impact the world. However, this often comes at the cost of neglecting your needs and boundaries. 

Do you feel guilty or selfish for taking time for yourself? Do you know how to prioritise your well-being? 

Good news: You can break free from this cycle of overgiving and burnout. It starts with understanding the role of emotions and spiritual practices in healing trauma.

The Link Between Emotions and Needs

Indeed, our emotions are like messengers, communicating important information about our needs and desires. If you feel fear, it may be a sign that you need more safety or security in your life. If you feel anger, it may be a sign that you need more respect or boundaries. Feeling sad could signal that you need more support or connection. By learning to listen to and honour these emotions, you can prioritise your needs and establish healthier boundaries.

The Role of Trauma in Overgiving

Trauma is a common reason many heart-centred female entrepreneurs struggle with overgiving and neglecting their needs. Past experiences (neglect, abuse, or betrayal) can make it hard to trust others or feel safe in prioritising your well-being. However, it’s essential to recognise that trauma is not a life sentence. With the right tools and support, you can heal and transform it. Therefore, Akasha Guidance offers a unique combination of healing, coaching, and spiritual guidance. It can help you release trauma on a deep level and establish new patterns of self-empowerment.

The Science and Spirituality of Emotional Release

Practices like mindfulness, meditation, and body-based therapies can support you in releasing negative emotions and transforming them into positive ones. It can help you to cultivate a deeper awareness of your feelings and physical sensations. You can learn to respond to them more intentionally and self-compassionately. By tuning into our bodies and breathing, we can release tension and regulate our nervous system. It creates space for more positive emotions like joy and gratitude.

Spiritual practices like energy healing and Akasha readings can also be a powerful emotional release and transformation tools. Energy healing works by removing blockages that may be preventing us from experiencing optimal health and well-being. Furthermore, an Akasha reading can provide deeper insights and help us connect with our inner wisdom and guidance. Akasha Guidance is my unique offering for you. It uniquely combines an Akasha reading with coaching and energy healing. You release blocked emotions and transform them on a cellular level. As a result, you can create new realities.

Use your emotions to transform your relationships

In conclusion, if you’re a heart-centred female entrepreneur struggling with overgiving and neglecting your needs, know you’re not alone. Transform your relationship with yourself and others by tuning into your emotions and underlying needs. Address past trauma. Incorporate spiritual practices like mindfulness, energy healing, and Akasha guidance.

Are you ready to take the next step on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment?

I invite you to book a session of Akasha Guidance. We can release old patterns and create new ones honouring your needs and desires.

Remember: you are worthy of love, care, and respect.

By putting yourself first, you positively change your life and the world. Consequently, put yourself first now!

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