How to face criticism with confidence and légèreté

Responding to criticism in an empowering way is part of your self-care.
Responding to criticism in an empowering way is part of your self-care.

Learn how to use criticism in an empowering way

As intuitive female entrepreneurs, it’s easy to get caught up in caring for others and to forget to prioritise our well-being, so when it comes to criticism, that’s a whole new chapter. We’re so focused on supporting others that we often neglect ourselves, leaving us drained and overwhelmed. But here’s the truth: prioritising your well-being is essential to show up as your best self, personally and professionally.

One area where prioritising your well-being can be incredibly challenging is when it comes to receiving criticism and feedback. Let’s be honest: hearing negative comments about your work, ideas, or personal life is tough. But here’s the thing: criticism and feedback can be valuable for growth and self-improvement.

How to prioritise your well-being when receiving criticism

So how do you prioritise your well-being while still receiving and responding to criticism and feedback? Here are some tips to help you respond with confidence:

  1. Reframe negative comments: Instead of taking negative comments to heart, try reframing them positively. For example, if someone criticises your work, ask yourself what you can learn from their feedback and use it to improve your skills.
  2. Listen actively: When receiving feedback, listen actively and with an open heart and mind to what the other person is saying. Stay calm and receptive – instead, take the feedback as an opportunity to grow.
  3. Ask clarifying questions: If you’re unsure about the feedback or need more information, don’t hesitate to ask questions. It can help you better understand the feedback and respond more constructively.
  4. Set boundaries: It’s okay to set boundaries around the type of feedback you want. If you know that certain types of feedback are too triggering or not helpful, let others know what you’re open to hearing and what you’re not.
  5. Practice self-care: Finally, prioritise your well-being as you receive and respond to criticism and feedback. Take breaks when necessary, engage in self-care practices that nourish your body, mind, and soul, and remind yourself that external opinions do not define your worth.

Would support make a difference?

If you struggle to prioritise your well-being and respond to criticism confidently, know that you’re not alone. As an Internationally Certified Life Coach for intuitive, heart-centred, and highly-sensitive female entrepreneurs, I offer 1:1 support to help you build confidence and prioritise your well-being. Book your free discovery call today! Let’s find out if we’re a good match to work together to support your growth and well-being.

Remember: prioritising your well-being is essential to show up as your best self. By learning how to respond to criticism and feedback confidently, you can use this feedback as a tool for growth and self-improvement. Don’t hesitate to seek support and guidance as you navigate this journey.

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