Holistic well-being

Magical. Soulful & Empowering.

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    Your holistic well-being is vital.

    I am Fabienne Désirée Ly, a highly-sensitive woman, visionary, entrepreneur, Internationally Certified Life Coach, Akasha Medium, and much more 😉

    I recently underwent a profound transformation myself: I was devastated and got up again – empowered, with an open heart and mind, free to embrace the new with a newfound joie de vivre and childlike lightness.

    Ready again to courageously follow the voice of my heart and my visions and to face the world optimistically. 

    That is why this is also possible for you. 

    I support sensitive female entrepreneurs like you to prioritize your well-being holistically, empowering you to serve from your full strength.

    Because the world needs you in your full power and radiance, fill your cup first – prioritise your well-being.

    You get to take care of yourself first and then give back from a place of love.

    Put yourself first


    Are you tired of neglecting yourself and your unique needs while caring for others? This powerful visualisation will help you to enjoy a deeper level of relaxation thanks to the calming effects of binaural beats combined with delta waves. + It’s super easy to integrate into your daily life!

    Take this opportunity to fill your cup first and give from a place of love and overflow. 🤗