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Fabienne Désirée Ly

I am Fabienne Désirée Ly, a highly-sensitive woman, visionary, entrepreneur, Internationally Certified Life Coach, Akasha Medium, and much more 😉

I was born in Germany, in the beautiful Swabian region near Stuttgart.

Living in France has been a dream of mine since I was a child. Just after graduating high school at 19, I followed my heart and moved to Paris. Since then, I have followed my intuition and big visions unconditionally and passionately. If something seems out of alignment, I am ready to change direction and dare to try something new. In doing so, I remain true to myself, my values, and my inner truth. I always get up no matter what. Indeed, I am convinced that we always have the choice of how to respond.

I recently underwent a profound transformation myself:

I was devastated and got up again – empowered, with an open heart and mind, free to embrace the new with a newfound joie de vivre and childlike lightness.

Ready again to courageously follow the voice of my heart and my visions and to face the world optimistically. 

That is why this is also possible for you. 

An evolving innovation

I learned enormously from this profoundly moving and transformative rebirth. As a result, new things were born, and I now share them with the world.

Now I dare to take the next step and integrate my experience and transformation into my work to help you believe in yourself again.

I want to remind you that you are precious and have a lot to give.

The world needs you in all your fullness and radiance. I invite you to put your well-being first – ‘fill your cup first.’

Falling and getting up again, continuing to follow my heart, has been my most profound experience.

Fabienne Désirée Ly

Prioritise your well-being

Internal dissatisfaction, emptiness, and the inner call for MORE

Do you also feel strong internal and external dissatisfaction? A void that stretches through your life like an invisible dark curtain?

Do you feel a call like “this can’t be it”?

At the same time, do you feel lost, alone, desperate, and disoriented?

I feel you.

At the end of 2018, I was already burnt out, disoriented, desperate, and lost. For years I had already been intensively engaged in personal and spiritual development. It was my juice. I felt the urge to gain even more knowledge. Then I started applying the lessons I’d learned and quickly achieved tremendous results in my life.

I still remember it clearly. How much I was looking forward to listening to the next podcast episode of one of my favorite coaches or even participating in the next coaching session. All of this ignited my inner fire and spark.

My deep passion also showed itself in everyday life: 

Interpersonal relationships fulfilled me far more than a 9:5, which did not fulfill me—on the contrary, burning me out.

I was leaving my comfort zone, ready to follow my heart’s vision.

It was challenging for me to create a work-life balance. Either I was too much on the outside or too withdrawn and isolated. You can probably understand the emotional, physical, energetic, and mental effects if you are also highly sensitive.

At the same time, I didn’t know what to do. But I felt deep inside myself that I wanted to evolve professionally, which fulfilled me deeply. It just wouldn’t let me go. This inner call became more substantial and vital. As much as I tried to resist it, I could no longer ignore the truth. But that would mean a giant leap out of my comfort zone. Was I ready?

I took the first leap: to get out of a job making me sick. Then, I left Paris – a big city where I had lived for nine years and had already built a new life. But I admitted to myself that, as a highly-sensitive woman, this was not really what I wanted anymore.

Too much, too loud. Too big.

Above all, I could no longer ignore the signs that life and my body were sending me. It was time to change direction. It meant trusting my inner voice more than ever before and letting it guide me.

Fabienne Désirée Ly

Vision: Lyon was calling me.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get rid of this inner vision of living there. And this vision put many things to the test: my partnership, career, self-confidence, and faith.

At the same time, I was regenerating from a state of exhaustion (burnout).

Invitation of life: Fabienne Désirée Ly, how much do you want it?

An intense, emotional time of self-exploration followed. I “only” wanted to train as a coach and help others. Helping others deeply fulfilled me. In the meantime, my vision came true, and a move to Lyon followed. I encountered subsequent tests and challenges. 

It was the most challenging time until then and a long-lasting process with constant insecurity, lack of consciousness, isolation, and much more. At first wholly different from what I had seen, felt, and experienced in my vision.

But I continued to follow my heart. Giving up was not an option.

Fabienne Désirée Ly Zertifizierte Life Coach Beautiful You Coaching Academy nach den höchsten ICF Standards
Fabienne Désirée Ly is a Internationally Certified Life Coach

No matter what others said or thought about me. I went through my deepest fears and opened myself to a profound inner transformation so that, step by step, I could create the life I deeply desired. I learned to hold myself no matter what was on the outside. 

And above all, I developed an inner strength and faith that felt out of this world. 

Then I felt the next inner call.

My mind was very loud, and self-doubts appeared. After all, I had just successfully passed my life coach certification.

But I knew it was safer to follow my intuition.

Intuition next level: I live my calling as a psychic coach

So I dared to take it to the next level and did further training to strengthen my psychic abilities. It included intensive training as an Akashic medium so that I could serve as a channel to the invisible world. 

From an early age, I had close contact with the invisible, as I prefer to call it. It was and is the most normal thing in the world for me to receive messages, signals, pictures, and signs on my way. But to go public with it was a more significant challenge for my mind. However, I knew that the world needed my precious gift.

On the other hand, not to do so would be to refuse assistance, which is against my values. 

Coaching meets Akasha. I integrate my psychic abilities, and pure magic happens. Visions come true.

I began to let my strongly developed clairvoyance, my psychic ability, flow more and more into my coaching sessions. 

In the process, I witnessed how my clients could quickly release deep-seated blockages and patterns preventing them from going for their dreams and visions.

This transformation goes far beyond the mind. Through this, inner access to intuition becomes possible and strengthened again. 

The inner light emerges, and it becomes possible to live a self-determined life based on compassion.

My clients also allow themselves more and more to prioritize their well-being.

The transformation in my clients, in turn, positively affects their environment.

It is a milestone towards a more beautiful, compassionate world – my vision and why I do this work.

The invitation of life: Fabienne Désirée Ly, prioritize your well-being

At the end of 2021, life came knocking again. Stronger than ever. After one of my heart’s greatest desires was about to come true, life suddenly shook me up. Although I already knew what would happen through my clairvoyance, a small world shattered for me. I felt exhausted, burnt out, desperate, and paralyzed.

And I knew I had a choice. We always have the power to choose how we respond. I could see myself as a victim of circumstances, blame it on the outside and find reasons why it didn’t work out. Or I could take personal responsibility and do what was within my power.

Since giving up was not an option, I prioritized my health and well-being holistically. 

I walked through one of the darkest times of my life so far, and took some much-needed time to heal. In doing so, I applied all the knowledge I had already successfully shared with my clients and environment even one level deeper. I remembered times when I had already made it and came out stronger.

I felt as if I had died once and was reborn again.

To go out into the world with a new inner strength, with a completely open heart, deeply liberated and resting within me, strengthened. 

Fabienne Désirée Ly

Ready, more than ever, to give you the space you need because I was also able to learn first-hand how helpful it is to get support.

I reminded myself of one essential wisdom of my coaching training:

Fill your cup first. 

You get to take care of yourself first and then give back from a place of love.

I have gone through profound and challenging times. It made me understand again what it means to take care of your well-being: emotionally, mentally, energetically, physically, and spiritually.

And how important it is to hold oneself and ask for support.

That’s precisely why I feel the urge to help you take such good care of yourself. 

Because you are precious to the world, first of all, you must take care of yourself.

I know that you also feel the inner call to do great things in the world and help others. 

But how long do you want to put your well-being and needs in the back seat? The world needs you in your full power and strength, deeply connected to yourself, your essence, and your true nature.

Prioritize your well-being

You are precious to the world and have so much to give. Now it’s time to think of you and give you what you need. Learn more about my unique and diverse offer. Prioritize your well-being holistically with Fabienne Désirée Ly.